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ShamanKing | Jan 9, 2017

Happy Holidays and New Years


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Hey all,

Forux is closing. It's been a great ride over the last 3(4?) years. I enjoyed interacting with everyone who played on here and I definitely learned a lot about programming, server administration, and Minecraft in general. The world of Minecraft servers is tough and competitive (and expensive!) even though it may not appear that way from the outside. The costs of hosting, advertising, development, builds, etc. all add up. 

Over the last year, I witnessed a decline in interest in Minecraft. The smaller servers are slowly dying while the bigger servers get larger and more money every day. I have also been extremely busy and not very motivated to maintain the server. Although, I would encourage anyone to make their own server as I learned a ton by making one. Forux hosting costs have been adding up and I have decided to shut Forux down.

I will, however, keep these forums up. They are on a free host and cost nothing to maintain. 

If anyone would like to receive the files, for free (I saved them as of 5/30/18) please contact me at [email protected] I would really like to see ForuxPVP come back up again. 

Server will close on June 2, 2018 unless someone else takes control.

Goodbye Forux and thank you to everyone who played. 



31 May 2018, 00:35

The last post in announcements was way back in April of 2017. Wow! Anyways this server is pretty much dead now. I'm glad to know that at least some players found it enjoyable to play on.

As for me, I haven't logged into Multicraft in over 6 months. I'm just too busy to maintain it. 

If anyone is interested in purchasing the server, along with the worlds, domains, and plugins, email me at [email protected]

Thanks for reading,


15 Feb 2018, 23:18

1. Not really planning on adding more servers. Server is more or less dead at this point.

2. I used a webhost to host this website

3. No Youtuber rank

4. I used PaperSpigot 1.8.4 as server software.

03 Oct 2017, 03:59

Yes, it's very unfortunate. I've been very busy this summer. I'll continue to (hopefully) maintain the server. However, I'm hoping for a merge to boost Forux's popularity.

11 Jul 2017, 03:31

Hey everyone,

I'm collecting research on server donations. I'd appreciate if you could fill out this survey:


16 Apr 2017, 03:50