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ShamanKing | Jan 9, 2017

Happy Holidays and New Years


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Yes, it's very unfortunate. I've been very busy this summer. I'll continue to (hopefully) maintain the server. However, I'm hoping for a merge to boost Forux's popularity.

11 Jul 2017, 03:31

Hey everyone,

I'm collecting research on server donations. I'd appreciate if you could fill out this survey:


16 Apr 2017, 03:50

The person close to 500k was afk griding. SInce then, new afk measures against afk have been put into place.

Restoring balances would take the point out of the reset.

16 Apr 2017, 03:48

Thanks for sending in this report. Working on fixing this right now.

EDIT: Fixed! If anything goes wrong please make a new thread.

06 Apr 2017, 04:31

Forux will reset on Sunday, March 26, 2017.  The server will have a bit of downtime and bits of time being whitelisted. The reset will probably take close to an hour, but might be longer due to unforeseen complications. 

This means that:

  • All donor ranks stay (So if you have Psychic, you will keep it)
  • All Faction claims and Factions are disbanded
  • MCMMO and Player balances are set to 0
  • Inventories are wiped
  • A new world is generated

I look forward to what you will all make in this new world.

26 Mar 2017, 16:39