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From Currently residing in the Obsidian Block inside the Trump Walls. The Coins mexican't get in..


Lecta_Orinosto | Feb 28, 2017

Why is my face steve again....



HappyCreeperlo | Oct 9, 2016



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Logging into forux immediately crashes minecraft. Version -- 1.10.1. I can log onto other servers just fine.

20 Oct 2017, 01:43

I was recently exploring and ran across some spawners. When I mined them, they didn't drop. There was 1 blaze spawner, 2 cave spiders, and 1 spider. Please fix this problem and give me my rightful spawners. If you don't believe me, I have screenshot proof of at least the spider and one of the cave spider spawners.

17 Aug 2017, 21:52

Merge? What does that mean?

28 Jul 2017, 17:06

I'm back from vacation. Forux seems very very very very very dead indecision.....

29 Jun 2017, 15:18

Besides, the field would NOT be evened. Even if resetted EVERYTHING, us regular players in Sicia would just re-create the country immediately and pull ahead -- again. The point is not that we are entrenched, but that we simply play more.

19 Mar 2017, 03:28